For those of us born in the late 90's you may remember the 'Tales by Moonlight'  TV program. Back then I used to wish I could have that feel you know; tales by moonlight. Have an elderly person surrounded with children thirsty for his/her stories.
Oh! I love stories maybe that's why I enjoy seeing movies a lot.

I remember back then when I used fantasize about the old times of my country.
How I wish I could watch the village wrestlers wrestle and be the most beautiful girl in the village and have many suitors knocking on my parents door.

I wish I was among the village dancers then and compete for the price from the king for the best group dancers (mum told me all this things happened).

I wish I was born in the era were I could go to the village square when the moon is up and play games with my friends.
I wish I was born in the era were children were so innocent and not exposed as today.
I wish I was born in the era were I could go the stream to fetch water and sing with my friends on the way (I can't even carry a bucket of water on my head).
Oh! the feel of natural breeze when you are feeling hot at night.

Now everything has changed and everybody's eyes are open.
Even the children know so much that sometimes I am baffled by what I hear them say.

Now everyone is so security conscious that they are so scared of doing things they used to do back then
Parents now return home earlier than usual. Not because they have finished with work for the day but because they don't want to encounter the insecurity of my country.

My country isn't what it used to be before.
My country is now the place that everyone even her citizens are neglecting.
Mothers are traveling overseas to give birth to their children

I used to think that the older you become, the more experienced and mature you become having learnt from your past mistakes.
This is not so with her. She is getting worse day in day out
The economic meltdown is affecting both the rich and poor
Those that have jobs are now scared of losing it because organizations are sacking their members of staff
Even those without jobs are not finding it any easier
Back then, everyone had a means of livelihood from farming to fishing etc.
Now everyone is struggling to make ends meet, the rate of robbery is increasing day-by-day.

I hope that as you add one year today that you increase in wisdom, knowledge and understanding
I hope that you make a positive impact on people surrounding you
I hope that you mature and makes plans to be a better person
Happy Birthday to my country
Happy Birthday Nigeria!!!!


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