So I read an article on MSN about a single mother with a daughter who lived with her boyfriend and his cousin. The boyfriend (Fabian) and his cousin (Jessica) are ex-cons. I am not going into details but what struck me about what happened is what I want to talk to you guys about.

According to news, it was said that the cousin ran into the room where Fabian and the single mother was and started yelling and beating both of them (I wander why). The couple managed to run away forgetting Victoria (the daughter) in the house and shouted to their neighbors for help but it was already too late. Victoria was dead.

Further investigation revealed that that wasn't what happened. It was discovered that the mother, Fabian and Jessica were in the house and that the daughter was injected with meth to 'calm her down', rapped, killed and dismembered. As if that wasn't enough, her body parts were wrapped in a blanket and set on fire in a tub. All this took place in the presence of the mother. I still do not understand how a mother would let this happen to her child more so in her presence.

It really broke my heart because I know being a single mother is not easy and I am very sure that Victoria was looking up to her mum. I still don't get how or why a mother who suffered to carry a child for nine months with all the complications, stress, restrictions, irritations , pain etc.. that come with bearing a child, nurture the child for ten years and let this happen. You know sometimes hearing a baby scream or cry who isn't yours can be piercing but to see your child become unable to do anything and you watching without doing anything as a mother is cruel.

Mothers are like role models that children look up to. There is a bond between a mother and her child or children which helps them know their children's weak and strong point(s). She is the one that keeps the family together after all my mums prayers keeps me going.

Let us know what you think about this story. Sorry for the inconsistency with writing, things haven't been easy of late.



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