Sorry for not writing anything for like a week. Thanks to Phebe who has been my motivation of late to continue writing. Today is Thursday which you know obviously and worldwide its #tbt... I am sure you are expecting to see my throw backs but nah not today at least. I was talking to a friend yesterday and we went down memory lane and I was just happy remembering this things so I have decided to share it with you all.

Remember those days when you wake up and do nothing other than eat or watch TV? Or those days after school when after having your bath and eating lunch its TV time till 5:00 before you do your homework?
Today I'll be throwing back to the cartoon world for those of us born in the 90's ( I feel kind of old. lol).

1. The Magic School Bus

I was and still am a lover of this cartoon. I remember while in primary after school, my brother and I would wait for Magic School Bus by 3:00pm I think. I read the books also. I wish they can redo the cartoon. Oh! did I mention I am currently singing the theme song in my head right now?

2. Cow and Chicken

Who remembers the song:

 "Mama had a Chicken,
  Mama had a Cow,
  Dad was proud,
  He didn't care how.
  Cow and Chicken!
  Ah! Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah!"

I can sing it right now if you are here to listen. I loved this cartoon. Who did?

3. I am Weasel

 I am not really sure if its this cartoon or another where you can't see the heads of the characters just their legs. It was so annoying because I remember how I used to try to stretch to see the head thinking it was hidden from me. Oh Lord! how hilarious. Remembering this just made me laugh at myself like really? Did you actually do that?

4. Tom and Jerry

My mum hates this cartoon because according to her which is actually true, it just teaches how to be mischievous (in this case Jerry) and constantly angry (Tom). Her opinion still didn't stop me from watching it though. Pretty sure most of us 90's born watched it. Its also surprising how neither of its characters talk but yet the message is passed across to everyone be it old or young, deaf and those who aren't, any race or tribe.

5. Pinky and the Brain

I don't know how many people saw this but for those of did remember how they wanted to take over the world?. Really a mice take over the world? lol

6. Johnny Bravo

This guys body shape is something. He is a reeaall man (lol) i.e.broad shoulders, narrow hips characteristics of men thought in Biology class *winks*. One other thing I remember from this cartoon is his love for women and oh! did I mention his not smart?

7. The Real Ghostbusters

"Ghostbusters (singing)". I remember this cartoon and how I wanted to be a ghostbuster. Waaooww Debbie you really wanted to be many things when you were  so much younger" I am telling myself. A ghostbuster? It's not like its not scary real life.

8. Donald Duck

I really can't remember much about this cartoon but I know I saw it when I was little.

9. Bugs Bunny

Remember this?

10. Tweenies

"Hey, hey are you ready to play its time to come and play with the tweenies
 Hey, hey what do you say, come along and play with the tweenies
 You can sing with us, play games with us
 You can run around and jump and shout
 Dance with us, take a chance with us
 It's okay what do you say
 Everyday, COME AND PLAY!! ......."

I can't believe I just typed that from my head like I actually remember the lyrics (I must confess I kind of mixed up the lyrics so had to change it). I remember how I wanted to be is it Bella I think and how I'ld put wool on my head and fling it like it was my really long hair? lol.

So there it is #tbt... Hope I was able to put a smile on your faces and take you down memory lane? Remember anyone I didn't include? Drop your favorite 90's cartoons.
And Oh! someday I would actually put my own throw backs.


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