Because China is ahead of Nigeria doesn't mean Nigeria is slow
Because Nigeria is ahead of the United States doesn't mean the United states is Slow
Because you are brilliant and others are not doesn't mean you should mock them

A person who graduates from school at 20 and waits for 4 years to get a job is the same as
A person who graduates at 24 and gets a job immediately
A person who can afford to buy a a $5000 dress is no different from a person who wears a $10 dress after all they are both covered.
A person who waited to conceive at 40 after 12 years in marriage is no different from a person who married at 40.

You have roofs over your head and is complaining about the color of your room when someone has none
You get to choose whatever you want to eat and yet someone is feeding from hand to mouth
You always get to celebrate your birthday when someone has no one to celebrate with
You may be on the other end of the lines and wish you are like someone else

Because someone lies and gets away with it doesn't mean it would work for you
Because someone steals and never gets caught doesn't mean you won't
Because everyone seems to cheat to pass a certain test and gets away with it doesn't mean when you do so you wont get caught

Don't be envious of what people have and you don't
Don't wish for things that you know people got by wrong means
Don't mock people who seem to be 'below your standard' because in the real sense the only difference between you and them is opportunity

Everyone has their time zone
You are you, there was never a you and there will never be you
Hold on, be strong and stay true to yourself
You are not late
You are not early either
You are just in time in your time zone


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