Hello everyone its the last day of the month and my cousin and roommates birthday. Happy birthday Jadesola. Have fun!!.. So back to the blog post. Its been over a month if not two since I posted something in the 'Animal Kingdom' label on the blog.

My choice of animal or should I be specific and say insect is the female praying mantis. On my way to the office, I saw a male and female praying mating. Yes, mating!. I haven't seen this before and I decided to share what I found out about the female mantis. She lures her mate and that after they mate, she bites his head off (so I thought initially). When I was talking about it with some of my colleagues, each of us were driving at the same thing i.e. it is mean. Imagine if that is how it is with humans lol. Thank God it isn't so. Funny enough we discovered that she doesn't actually bite his head off which is less painful but she actually chews his head off. Isn't that just soooooo mean?

I am going to be looking at two sides of the praying mantis. First its the position and secondly its the mating system of the female praying mantis.

Most women are leaving in bondage. Bondage in the sense that some of them are not happy with their relationships either the boyfriend or even husband. They are often maltreated, abused or deprived of what they deserve. Women in this situation are most times on their knees praying (this is the position of the mantis) and talking to God to help their partners have a change and all.

Listen up woman!! how long will you continue to pray?. How long will you continually hurt your knee and weep till tears become like sweat?.
Don't you think you've had enough and deserve someone better? I know its difficult to move on (trust me I've been there) but hey you came to this world alone and so shall you return back. Alone!!

If you are the category of being in bondage learn from the female mantis. Bite his head off. I don't mean that literally though. I mean cut him off from your life and explore. There are greater and better things out there waiting for you woman!!. Be strong and take control of your life. Don't depend on anybody to do anything for you. Begin to take charge and control of your emotional well being and don't be manipulated by what some people call "love".
Embrace yourself woman!!!

Each woman has to learn from the mantis. If you are in the first category, move to the second one.
If you are in the second category, keep waxing strong woman!!.


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