I remember when I was little when my home was filled with joy and laughter
I remember the days when everybody lived in peace and harmony
I remember when we had family picnic every second Saturday of the month and family movie night on Fridays
I remember how my parents never missed my birthday nor that of my siblings
I remember how my mum, siblings and I used to decorate the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve
I remember when I used to tell my younger brother to tell me a story whenever I wanted to sleep (his stories never had endings)
I remember when nobody had to lie about anything to each other at home (mom was strongly against it)

Then the joy and laughter faded away
Then the peace that made people jealous turned to chaos
Then the picnics turned to nothing and the movie nights were cancelled
Then birthdays were forgotten and didn't matter anymore
Christmas trees shrunk and were not decorated
Then the stories finally had endings
And everyone found it so easy to lie
Mommy's uplifted spirit suddenly drowned
Dad had no time for anyone not even me his favorite

Then mom began to weep everyday and prayed till her knees hurt
She reduced drastically and prayed for God's intervention
Dad just turned his back on us like we were nothing
Moms loving smooth face then became dads punching bag

At this point everything changed
I was always glad when school was about to resume so I could get away from my house
I miss the way things were
I miss my home
As I return sad today, I go to the place I used to call home.

N.B: This is fiction.


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