In my field of study (Geosciences), you must go for field work or a field trip in your third year in college. I remember when a mail was sent to me concerning it. Initially I wanted to ignore it because I wasn't supposed to be around but unfortunately for me, I was. I wasn't ready to go for any field trip. I tried so hard to ignore it but it just didn't work. I decided to acknowledge the mail after all (its not like I had a choice really).

I went to my HOD's office to report that I had received the mail and wanted to know what was next. I got a list of things to get before the following week (mind you that day was a Friday). I started to have mixed feelings about it and didn't want to go because I had just finished exams and wanted to enjoy my short holiday.

   The D-Day came and off I went to a place I have never been to. On our arrival, things didn't go well as planned with the adjoining school so that created confusion. Fortunately for me, there was another school there so I paired wih them. The next day, we went to the field to map our area (i.e. locate the beginning and ending points of the area we were to cover). It rained but we couldn't go back. I had a wonderful time during the field trip. I walked like I had never done in my life. I climbed mountains (the view below from them are very nice). There was even a day we were going in circles (kind of missed our way) and didn't realize early. There was also a day we ran out of water in the middle of no-where. I also remember the day we saw a snakes skin and one of my group members started hissing and then we ran because initially we didn't know it was a snakes skin. I remember the day when insects were following the boys and then they were asking why they weren't following the girls (when going for field work, you do not apply lotion or perfume or body cream). How about the days when it felt like we were never going to come out the forests because of the long walks or our GPS battery was getting low and we had no spare?

My group members were great and I had fun. I made some friends and learnt how to interact with other students. I also lost my complexion though because of the constant trekking under the sun (working on getting it back). It is one trip I will never forget and I kind of wish there'll be another.

Debbrah & Lizzy

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