It started couples of days to my birthday. I wasn't happy though because I wanted to celebrate my birthday at home.
It wasn't the usual session. The release of result from the previous semester was delayed and it put a lot of us on the edge. Two weeks after resumption, results finally came out and it was good for me. The semester started slowly with boring lectures then things speeded up a bit and got back to normal. It was a really long and slow one and at a point, I was broke. It was also a lonely semester because my bestfriend wasn't around (he went for IT). I had a lot of ups and downs from fighting (not physically) to betrayal of trust to quiet some other things.

There were school activities like the student week which encompassed the cultural day, faculty day etc. The founders birthday was also celebrated as well as the graduating of the final year students. There were parties also. New student executives were sworn in.
The fun didn't last for long and before I could blink my eyes and say Jack Robinson, exams came knocking at my door again. "Why?" I kept asking myself. "Why now? Who even brought up the idea of having to write exams? I hate exams. Arghh!!!". I was seriously looking forward for it to end. It lasted for two weeks and now I am home for summer.

It feels so good to be home. I can wake up whenever I want, go out, eat as much as I want and most importantly; rest. I really need to gain some weight this summer don't know how possible it will be because my summer job starts in two weeks.
Have a great week everyone.

Debbrah & Lizzy

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