So there is this guy that I really liked back then. We didn't want to rush things so we decided to slow things down a bit. One thing about rumors is that they are very pleasing to the ears.  Some people came to tell me things about him.
I don't do well with rumors so I confronted him and he told me what was going on. I believed him. Time went on and things returned to normal. So one day I am taking an evening stroll with my closest friend and we hear my name being mentioned through someone's room window from outside. We stopped to listen to the conversation and what I heard broke my heart. It's not like people don't talk about me after all if they don't then I don't exist but the fact that this girls were supposed to be my friends. They called me things I would never call any of my friends and they telling all this to someone I barely know. I cried that moment but my friend comforted me and we retuned to our rooms. Funny enough, that night the girls who were supposed o be my friends came o my room and were smiling with me like nothing happened. I was perplexed and asked myself how they did it (i.e. talk about someone and still have the guts to look the person in the eye and pretend like nothing happened). I couldn't pretend like nothing happened so from that day till date, I have kept my distance and obviously, things can never be the same.
              I hate humbugs. I know quite a few and to be honest, I keep my distance as far as possible from them. I don't know how they do it and trust me some people are really good humbugs. I think I've tried to be a humbug before but it just didn't work out because my facial expressions  sell me out.
According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, humbug is someone or something that is not true. It is a language or behavior that is false and meant to deceive people. Humbugs are pretenders, liars, hypocrites you name it. They give you an illusion or description of what is not real.
            Why be a humbug? It's stressful to me. Behaving to be what you are not, trying to be what you're not and most importantly lying and deceiving people. How would you feel if you discover a particular person you adored or admired has been a humbug all along? Most people are humbugs not by choice but by circumstances probably experiences. I get it but why hurt other people just to get back at the humbug?. Live your life, be real because humbugs are fake and you'll discover that not being a humbug is lot more refreshing and easier. Its like lifting a burden off your shoulders.

FFT: If you don't like someone, its okay. Its worse when you pretend to. So please stop being a humbug.

Debbrah & Lizzy


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