I witnessed something the other day and it really pissed me off so I have decided to share it with you all.

I walked into a church and when it was time for offering, the pastor said "There are three times of offering. The golden, the silver and the bronze". At first, I was confused so I listened further. "Those that are giving gold offering is from a 1000 and above, those for silver are 500 - 1000 while the bronze offering is below 500. Those of you with golden offering should come out to receive prayers to receive golden gifts from God".      I looked around me and realized that most of the congregation fell into the bronze category and only five people came out for the 'golden offering blessings'. I was so pissed and exchanged glances with my cousin who smiled when she saw the look on my face. I said to myself 'what if I don't have up to a 1000 and God knows I don't, does it mean I won't receive my own blessings?'. I felt really bad and felt like approaching the pastor to tell him that what he said was wrong ( I am not a pastor nor the child of one but if the society looks down on people should the church do so to?). I was brought up with the knowledge that we are equal in the eyes of our maker so why discriminate in the church?.  I didn't stay till the end of the service though (not because of what the pastor said).
         I strongly stand against any form of discrimination whatsoever. Its painful when some people are being looked down on either because of their social status, appearance, clothing, accent or wealth. These people are actually suffering and instead of trying to make things better for them, we end up making matters worse by reducing their self-esteem, causing them to commit suicide, engage in any form of crime just to meet up. They are sometimes punished for the mistakes or intentional wrong doings of the rich.
       I began thinking and asking, when will all this nonsense stop? You can't continually look down on people just because you feel or think you are better off. Thing is you never know what tomorrow holds. All those wealth can be taken away from you and you may end up switching places with the poor person.
Be nice to people no matter what. Always try to lend a helping hand. Don't look down on anybody because you don't know what the future holds. - Debby & Lizzy

Debby & Lizzy.

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