There is common characteristic that is associated with the frog. It is called hopping or in this context, jumping. A lot of us are frogs (no offense) and I think I am too.

I was going to church one Sunday morning and  I picked something from the talk show going on. The guest said that the reason why most people say bad things about you is not really because they hate you but because they can't do that thing which you can and are ready to do anything to make you stop and in most cases fall (just decided to share that with you all).

I got to think about it and actually realized that it's true. More than 78% of the people that say bad stuff about you are those who don't know you. Most people misinterpret the meaning of knowing someone. Just because you know my name, my school, my favorite color, possibly where I live doesn't mean you know me. Neither does what people say or what you read about me on the internet, magazine, books etc. mean you know me.

To know me is to spend quality time with me, know my flaws, my good part etc. If you really know someone, you should be able to know what the person can and can not do. Majority of us are guilty of judging people based on what we see, hear, think or perceive and jumping into conclusions based on those. "You can't judge a book by its cover" goes the saying. So don't be too quick to put people down instead get to know them before saying negative things about them.

It's not like anyone is perfect but don't be too quick to judge. You probably don't know what the person is going through and you may be like "I know, I have been there". Everybody is not the same. We are all different, special and unique in our own way so let the person be. The way you may react to a situation can't be the same way another person will.
Bottom line is don't be so quick to put someone down and jump. Try to stop being a frog

Debbrah & Lizzy.


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