To be honest I am not a fan of watching football. I am more of a weathered person i.e. I support the winning club or team at the period, but yesterday I happened to watch it. I am pretty sure a lot of people watched the football match yesterday between Portugal and France.
There was something that struck me and I have decided to share it. It is called driving others.
   During the match, C. Ronaldo had to go because he was injured. When another player got injured and wanted to go to the bench, Ronaldo told him to go back on the field even in his state. What I am getting at is the fact that even though he couldn’t play at that moment, he challenged the other person to do so.
  What are you? Are you the driving force of people? Do you drive people to do things you know they can do even if you can't? Or Do you just watch them gradually slip away? Do you enjoy watching people around you fail? One thing I have noticed is that for most people, when they can't do a particular thing for whatever reason, they don't want others to do it. This is a very terrible mindset if that is the kind of mindset you have. You need to learn to be happy when people succeed and motivate people, drive them to do things especially when you know they can and are feeling like they can't. This gives room for the betterment of the society, the person and even yourself.
Congrats to C. Ronaldo and Portugal.
Have a great week everyone.
Remember: Be the driving force to make people succeed.

Debbrah & Lizzy

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