We all have bad days, but have you ever had one of those weeks when it seems everything is going wrong?

Probably on Monday, as a student, having 3-4 test. Tuesday you got to do presentation and at the end you didn't get a chance to after sleeping late at night. Wednesday you had straight lectures from 8am till 3pm. Thursday you lost your ATM card and had to go round searching for it. Friday there was an unexpected meeting as a Student Prefect in your school. Then we get to this very day when we feel relieve...I recently had one of those weeks where things went wrong.
imageThe natural reaction that most people have when the walls begin to crumble is to crumble right along with them.
If we develop the habit of letting those things to disturb us, we might end up in the negative part of life...
The events in life do not determine the course of  life, Instead, it is the reaction to those events that tells the quality of life, the direction of life...
Ways to avoid rough day/week is to create a plan ahead, be self aware and alert, choose the right approval and involve others.

“True happiness is born of letting go of what is unnecessary.” ~Sharon Salzberg 

Debbrah & Lizzy.

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