HIGH SCHOOL: I Thought I Wouldn't Cry

There is this make belief that when you are leaving home for the first time, you must cry. Funny enough it didn't work on me at first.
 One Sunday afternoon after church, dad drove the family and I to drop me off to school. When we arrived, we were taken to a hall with my things and told to wait till my name was called. On getting there, I looked around me and saw other students crying and was wondering why. I asked my mum and she told me they would miss home. After a while my name was called and I was checked into a dormitory. I said goodbye to my parents and went to unpack.

That evening, a bell was rung for dinner so I went to the dining hall and they served my worse food now (beans). I think I ate it then but now you can't catch me eating it. Anyways after dinner, I went to have my bath and prepare for bed when I heard another bell and was told it was time for night devotion. I was scared when I got out of he bathroom because everyone had left the dorm and in my hurry, I wore my pajamas to the devotion ground thinking other people would do so. I think I was apparently the only one in my PJ and well I didn't mind then.

As the devotion was going on, I noticed people were moving away from where we were towards another direction and the next thing they were running. You know this saying about knowing where the fire is from before you run? I didn't apply it there. While running and trying to know the cause of the uproar, I fell (mind you the ground was graveled). Before I could stand fully, somebody pushed me again. I got back to my dorm and found out that the cause of the uproar was from the neighboring building. The occupants of the building were throwing stones into the devotional ground and nobody knew why though some said we were disturbing and they drunk. When I figured out it was time to settle down to sleep, I suddenly felt this peppery pain on my knee and saw blood. I was so scared and didn't know what to do so I met a senior who helped me treat the injury. I thought I wouldn't cry on my first day in high school but I did cry after all. I cried because I wished my mum was around to comfort me.

Debbrah & Lizzy

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