Doing something for the first time might come with fear
or boldness depending on the environment or people around you. There is that thing we have done for the first time. Some we regret doing , others we are happy we did it. When something is done for the first time, we are either inspired by something good like a person, an article , book, magazine we have read, our folks, siblings or bad like "friends" (I put this in quote because most people don't understand what that word even means, they just say it callously. Someday we will talk about this but not today) , the social media i.e Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook  (just because someone did something and the world is praising the person doesn't make it right) etc.

This is our first time of coming out publicly in form of writing (though we are no good at it, we are going to get better).
We hope as we progress, you guys will love this blog.

Debbrah & Lizzy.

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