BEAUTY PRODUCTS: What To Share and Not To Share

We ladies are guilty of sharing some of our beauty products with our girlfriends especially when we run out of ours or want to try something different like facial look, lip look etc. and don't have what to use.
I have listed some beauty products to share and not to share.


1. Mascara

When it comes to sharing beauty products, things associated with the eye like the mascara should not be shared because of eye infections or irritations like red eyes.
A lot of us are guilty of sharing mascara. I am very careful with anything relating with my eyes probably because I use glasses.

2. Lipstick / balm

Funny as it may sound, sharing lipsticks or balm is dangerous. Reason being that germs are transferred from one skin to another. Whether you like it or not, you all ready have enough germs around you when using it so why share what makes direct contact with your skin and another person. A lot of girlfriends are guilty of this.

3. Lip gloss

Having said that it's not okay to share lipsticks, you may think sharing lip glosses are okay. No it isn't and shouldn't be shared.

4. Make up brushes

You will agree with me that make up brushes have direct contact with your face and thus has germs in hem. Everybody has different types of skin and while some can resist certain facial irritations some can not. Sharing make up brushes can result in acne (pimples) breakout, rashes and other skin irritations.

5. Pressed Foundations

When using the pressed foundation, the sponge makes contact with both the foundation and your face. Bacteria is spread this way and just like the make up brushes, the pressed foundations should not be shared.


1. Liquid Foundation

It is okay to share it because your sponge does not make direct contact with the whole foundations surface but just the top of the tube. So it is okay to share.

2. Loose Powder

3. Lip & Eye Pencil

I know I said earlier that mascaras shouldn't be shared am sure you are wondering why lip & eye pencils can be shared. Well they can be shared because the lead really does not pass any germs. It is like sharing a pencil.

4. Nail Polish

It is safe to share nail polishes. I am sure you can relate.


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