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Today begins the first article on the label of 'Art' on the blog and I am so excited because since I was little, I always had the passion for drawing. I started with the stick images (if you know what I mean) to drawing random things (like cups, plates, trees etc. ) and coloring / painting, to drawing still-life images, to technical drawing. As time went on, I kind of stopped. I haven't drawn in a while.

Todays art is about 'family'. Everyone has a family either by blood or adopted or foster. As time goes on, we tend to have other families of our own. It's situations like that where we have '#friends turned brothers or sisters'.

A family that stays together can overcome anything and everything together. Family is always there to be by you no matter what. There are people in your life who are not related to you by blood but are always there for you.  Those are the people you called family.

Image by Max Aitken

Not all families that look happy in the open are actually happy. Be happy with the kind of family you have or are put in. Most times we don't have a choice when it comes to choosing our immediate family otherwise I probably would have wanted to be Barack Obamas daughter or a famous persons daughter.
Image by Faith Youth

Even the animals look after their own.
Image by MaryAnn Loo

Image by Yoshiko Murdick

No mother that loves her family will derive joy in watching her children suffer or get drenched by rain. Rachael's 'Family Rain' portrays a mother carrying her youngest child and covering her with an umbrella while her son wears a rain coat. That's family!.

Image by Rachael Kibbler

Families create time to have fun together.
Image by Dariusz Klimczak

Image by Therese O'Keeffe

Above all, families stay together. Unity is key!

Image by Laila Meadows

Image by Claudia Luethi  alias Abdeighafor

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