The following American celebrities that have twins will surprise you.

1. Vin Diesel

I know right? Who will believe Mark Sinclair Vincent is a twin?  Well, the famous 'Fast and Furious' actor has a twin brother Paul Vincent who looks nothing like him (Vin Diesel).

2. Scarlett Johansson

Who doesn't know Black Widow in 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Civil War' or Lucy in 'Lucy'?. Black Widow has a twin brother Hunter Johansson.

3. Kiefer Sutherland

Yes, Jack Bauer in the '24' is a twin. His twin sister Rachel is a post-production supervisor in Hollywood.

4. Eva Green
Artemisia in '300: Rise of an Empire' was played by Eva Green so also was Vanessa Ives in the TV series 'Penny Dreadful'. Who would believe that she has a twin sister Joy?.

L-R : Eva Green, Marlene Jobert (mother), Walter Green (father) and Joy Green (her twin sister) 

5. Tasha Smith

This beautiful actress, comedian and model that appeared in Addicted, Tyler Perry's For Better For Worse, Empire has a twin sister Sidra Smith who is a spitting image of her. I wonder if you can differentiate between them if you see them at first.

6. Aaron Ashmore

Remember Jimmy Olsen in Smallview and Eric in Conception? He has a twin brother Shawn Ashmore who looks just like him.
The Ashmore brothers are both actors. Can you believe that Iceman in X-Men film series and Agent Mike Weston in The Following is actually Shawn Ashmore and not Aaron Ashmore?

Debbrah & Lizzy

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