We have something that we want to achieve, peoples lives we want to impact and change. Writing is a different ball game all together. To be a writer, you must be a reader. You have to be observant about what is going on around you and know how to air your view concerning it. Writing somethings can be challenging especially when you have nothing specific to write (bloggers can relate).

I have always wanted to make positive impact to people around me. Touch lives by leading by example and standing out in whatever I do. Yesterday was an exciting day for me because my friends passed their exams in flying colors. I am so proud of them.

Also, I received a message from someone and to cut the long story short, I wrote an article for Initially, I thought it was a scam didn't believe it will work out but lo and behold, I got a mail saying my article has been published.

You guys should check out my post 'Is tradition the reason why a lot of ladies are not married?'

Please check the link here.

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