At the beginning of most relationships there is always this spark. The feeling that the person is your life partner about 96% and most times it doesn't happen.  Have you noticed your relationship slip away or feel like it is not buoyant, loving and interesting anymore?. Have you asked yourself what you were doing in the relationship at first?

If so, you should be asking yourself the following questions:

1. When last did we really talk ?

The most important thing that keeps a relationship going in communication. About 97% of relationships suffer for lack of communication. If you have issues or problems with your partner, you should be able to talk it out. Keeping it to yourself does both you and the relationship no good. So say it the way it is.
When you don't talk you'll discover that with time, the relationship gets boring.

2. Do I like or love this person?

We are supposed to be in relationships because we love our partner not like them. We are guilty of misinterpreting the difference between these two words. If you really look closely, you may discover that you actually like you partner and not love so the relationship won' wok as planned or expected. It is true that most relationships start from liking the person but for how long will you continue to like the person and be stuck in the relationship? If you feel you don't love the person please leave.

3. Does he/she love me the way I do?

If there is one thing that hurts its loving someone so much and the person doesn't love you equally. Girls want a guy that will love them 100% but in reality that guy is very hard to find. I was talking to someone the other day and he said 'guys have the ability to love more than one person that is why a man can marry more than one wife and love them equally'. Is this really true?
Ways To Know If You Are In a One-Sided Relationship. If your relationship is one sided trust me it won't work. Leave ASAP!!

4. Do I keep comparing him/her with my ex?

Just because your last relationship was a failure doesn't mean your present will be. Comparing your partner with you ex is very annoying and is not healthy for your relationship. Stop bringing up things that happened between you and your ex and stop expecting your present partner to act like you ex sometimes. It is not possible. The more you do so, the more you dive your partner away from you.

5. Do I tell my girlfriends/boyfriends everything?

Yes, I get the whole 'girlfriend' 'boyfriend' thing, 'he/she was my friend before I met you'. It is true that you probably met your partner couple of weeks ago thanks to your friend but there is something called confidentiality. It is 'your relationship' not 'everybody's relationship' so stop telling you friends everything that is going on in your relationship. Sometimes you may have issues and feel you should ask your friend for advice and help fixing it. Don't do so till you have tried yourself and it doesn't wok before involving a third-party.
Third parties tend to break relationships not fix them.

Debbrah & Lizzy

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