Hey guys, its been almost a week since we last wrote. We are so sorry about that. Hope you did not miss us?. Today we will be asking you a couple of questions or rather blowing you with some facts.

1. Eating fish makes you smarter?

I remember those times when mom kept putting fish in everything I ate and ensured that I ate it. She pretty much just wanted me to eat it as a growing child and I am sure she may not have known the relationship with eating fish and smartness. Mom was right after all.
Eating Fish Makes You Smarter.

2. Music lessons at a tender age boosts IQ?

In my primary school, it was compulsory to learn how to play musical instruments (keyboard, recorder, drum etc.). I leant how to play the keyboard but stopped after I left. Opted for French in high school, little did I know that music lessons at a tender age boosts your IQ.
American Psychological Association

3. Babies are born without knee caps till 2-6 years old.

Yes that includes you. You were born without knee cap but cartilage. Impossible to believe right?

4. Egyptians removed the brain from the dead using a hooked rod made of bronze when they want to mummify a body?

How is that even possible when the nostrils are smaller than the brain?

5. We (humans) share 50% of our DNA with bananas?

I know right?. How can half of my DNA be the same with bananas? It kind of feels like am eating me.

6. Some people can actually hear and taste colors?

It's a condition called Synesthesia. Kind of strange to hear that but popular artists like Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Mary J. Blige and Charli XCX among others have this ability to taste and or hear colors. Most people who have it actually don't know that they do.
What to know if you have synesthesia? Find out.

7. The Doomsday clock is three minutes to midnight?

You may be wondering what is clock is. Just like the regular clocks that tell ime, this clock represents a countdown to a possible global nuclear war, climate change, destruction of the world. It was made in 1947 and is currently in The Bulletin in University of Chicago.

Over the years, the clock has been ticking both away an towards midnight i.e. 12:00am. As at last year, the clock till date is 23:57 i.e. three minutes to midnight. The closest it has gotten so far is 23:58 in 1953 after the first test of the hydrogen bomb.
God knows what will happen when it is midnight.

8. The word 'often' is actually pronounced with the 't'?

Thanks to Queen Elizabeth I, we don't pronounce the 't' in 'often'. Initially, the word was pronounced with the 't' but since Queen Elizabeth I did not pronounce it some people started following her foot steps and as time went on, they forgot the real pronunciation of the word.

Debbrah & Lizzy

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