HIGH SCHOOL II : Tears For Food

With reference to High School I , I will be continuing with my high school experience. I don't think I mentioned before that it was an only girls school.

Being in an only girls school can be boring at times and really annoying. I remember those times whenever a boys school comes to my school it can be really annoying because then, they just don't want to listen to you but rather want to get the boys attention. Its like they are not just themselves at all. Well they can't be blamed for it can they?

I remember my first week in high school on a Tuesday afternoon. We usually have 'amala and ewedu' for lunch and I couldn't eat it. Not because it wasn't nice but because I had this mindset from primary school that amala was .. No offense to the Yoruba's.

However that afternoon I couldn't eat it so I decided to leave the dining. Little did I know that once you get to the dining hall, you must eat. As I was about leaving, I saw the matron beat a student because she didn't eat.

The next thing that came to my mind was how I was going to show proof that I had eaten. I then picked up an empty plate and took a couple of spoons of soup from my friend and smeared my plate. I also got an empty nylon where the amala was wrapped.

As I approached the exit and dropped my plate, the matron asked me if I had eaten and I said yes not knowing she was watching me the whole time. She then flogged me for lieing and ensured I collected lunch and ate in her presence.
While I was eating, my dad came to see me and saw me crying. The matron then told him what happened and he stayed with me till I finished. Oh! how I cried while I was eating it. How could I eat this food? My tears was dropping into my food yet I still ate it.

Who would believe it when I say now that I like it? Imagine the pain I had to go through to eat a simple meal.


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