Clothes are very essential to us. Everyone has their preferences when it comes to what to wear from showing of skin, to covering all parts of their to showing off a little skin. When shopping, you should ensure you have the five basic colors of clothes. All other colors are secondary. They are basic colors in the sense that they practically go with all other colors.

1. Black

Oh my love for black is unconditional. There is this strong bond between us that can never be broken. Anyways you should own black clothes from trousers, to shirts, tops, gowns.
Black is a solid color and you will agree with me that its a universal color. Universal i.e. it goes with all other colors. I have heard someone say she doesn't like black. Like seriously? Who doesn't?

2. White

She is the sister color of black. She goes with all colors like black and it represents purity. I am not really a fan of white maybe because its difficult to maintain. I love the whole white-on-white combination though especially with red. It's a color of cloth you should own.

3. Blue

Yes blue. Surprising as it may be, it actually goes with anything. There are different shades like sky, turquoise, navy, aqua, royal etc.. Blue is a must have color of cloth.

4. Brown

I like this color and actually don't know why but it kind of stands out when properly combined. Brown goes with all colors and nice when worn with yellow, white, pink. I like brown bags, shoes, dresses. You should have this color of cloth in you wardrobe. Even a brown lipstick is a should have for ladies.

5. Red

Last on this list is red. I heard this color makes guys turn to look at whoever is wearing this color of cloth. There are different shades of red and you should choose what matches your skin color. red lipsticks are the bomb!!. I like red and has this friend who is a die hard red fan. For the ladies, red dresses are very beautiful be it pepper, dull, bright it all goes. For the men, you should try a red blazer or top, trust me girls will fall.

If you don't agree, let us know.
Happy weekend everyone!!.

Debbrah & Lizzy

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