Are you in the habit of constantly saying "Never mind" or "Forget I said that" or "Lets just pretend it never happened or occurred"?.
It is high time you stopped it and say what is really on your mind. The only way to keep good relationships with people is by communicating. You don't expect the persons you keep shoving away to stick around for long. You may be shy, scared of getting hurt or making mistakes but you really should learn to express yourself in whatever way you can.
     One thing that affects most relationships among couples, friends, family is their lack of communication. We are not saying you should talk too much nor are we saying you should be a "monitoring spirit" or "pest". By this we mean constantly bugging someone in the name of communicating. If someone does something you don't like, feel free to air it out. The worst that can happen is for the person to talk to you no more. Some people say "I don't have time". Thing is nobody really has time. The 24 hours each day allocated to each person can never be enough. Are you in school and consume yourself into your school work that you begin to notice that your friends are no longer around? Make out time and talk to them. Sending a simple "Hey, friend. How are you today? Have a great day ahead" is enough to let the person know you still know the person exists.
      Bottom-line is to keep communicating with people. It is really the only thing that can keep you going  because "no man is an island". Come to think of it Islands are not alone because they have water surrounding them.

Debbrah & Lizzy

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