choiceLambert is from a good family background. She lost her mom when she was very little and lives with her dad and elder sister. She has been working really hard academically and her social life was low.
A friend to Lambert's friend Joe planned to have a party on Friday and invited his friends through Facebook. Her friends asked if she had interest in attending the party and  inform her dad about her absence.She told them that her father won't be around that night so she was in. She couldn't wait to attend the party, she was so excited. The day of the party, her friends told her not to drink but Lambert in her excitement turned deaf ears. After a while, they found Lambert sleeping in the pool of her puke on the ground. When her friends woke her up, she ran out of the house. Still a little drunk, she ran to the middle of the road and got knocked down by a vehicle. Her choice was to turn deaf ears to her friends and she bore the consequences.
     Choice is the purest expression of free will, the freedom to choose allows us to shape our lives exactly how we wish. Each day we make countless choices. Choices can be difficult because it also requires sacrifice. Choosing something inherently means giving up something else, something we might want tomorrow, or next week, and that won’t be available to us if we don’t grab it today. It is the our needs and wants that affects choices in life and any choice we make has its consequences. It is almost impossible to claim to be free from influence of somethings, but the least we can do is to rather become more aware of those influences and understand how they affect our choices without us being conscious of it.
“Each of us has the responsibility to choose. You may ask, ‘Are decisions really that important?’ I say to you, decisions determine destiny. You can’t make eternal decisions without eternal consequences.” —President Thomas S. Monson.
 Consider what you want from life and make sure your choices help you reach your goals.

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