ME! ME!! ME!!!

    Couple of days ago I was talking to my cousin and she was saying something about the fact that people would surely say things about me.
Things I wont like and may even make me cry if I hear them but I shouldn't be bothered because "they most talk". Some would talk about useless things like how you sleep, how you eat, how you do this or do that and most of the time what they talk about is really none of their business.
     Nobody can absolutely like you for you. They can only accommodate you and reason with you . Sometimes you just have to turn the deaf ear and do that thing you want to do no matter what people around you say. I am not saying you shouldn't take advices from people but for how long are you going to let other peoples decisions or opinions determine what you want to do in life?.
     I learnt it the hard way and really don't want anybody else to. So please be you, live your life (though its not completely yours), and take good care of yourself. Forget the talk of the haters, gossips from friends, family, neighbours etc .Because really in the end it is just going to be about you, you and you.

Debbrah & Lizzy

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