Some species of lizards change color not just due to the environment but due to their mood. There are over 5000 species of lizards in the world. They are known to smell by tasting the air around them which is why they bring out their tongue rapidly.
These are facts about lizards but I am not here to bore you with all that. There is a very common fact about the lizard which is the 'head bobbing'. Lizards are known to bob as a sign of territoriality. They bob to show their fellow lizards that 'hey you, this is my place'

           Where am I going to with this? The head bobbing when put in the human world is regarded as nodding. How often do you nod? Do you find yourself nodding more often? If you do, I think its time you stopped. Nodding often or always means that you agree always with whatever the other person(s) is saying. It means you don't air your views and you most times under control.

           Being a lizard to me, makes you a coward. It means people can't ask you for your perception about things. It basically means you don't matter because your opinion doesn't count. You don't always have to nod your head always. You shouldn't chicken out because you are scared of what this person or that person would say. Learn to shake your head too. You can't always agree with someone. You need to stand up for yourself and stop relying on other peoples opinions or suggestions always.

          Be heard. Talk. Argue. Say no. I  know you may not want to hurt the persons feelings by saying no but you are not helping the person nor yourself. If you are told to do something by whoever the person is (parent, siblings, best friends  aunties, uncles, professors etc.) and you know it is wrong, learnt to say no. Don't follow the crowd and do what everybody is doing just to fit in when you fully know the repercussion of the act. I have a friend that says this often "BE YOURSELF". It means you stand for what you know is right and not constantly saying yes.

        It can be very annoying when someone is known to say yes always never no at some point. Learn to shake your heard and not nod. The more you head bob, the more you are never acknowledged about anything and the more you have headaches. Head bobbing can cause bad headaches.

"Great people don't make it by being head bobbers always.". - Debbrah & Lizzy.

Debbrah & Lizzy.

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