I have never been so in love with anything or anyone till I met him. His dark brown eyes, his body build and the way his hair slipped back
after having his bath made me go crazy . Its not just the physical appearance but his calm gentle nature. He was everything I wanted. Always listening to my nag or complain about this and that. Always there to welcome me back from work. He is always there when I am having a bad cloth day or rush hours in the morning.
     He can be annoying at times by always scattering the house, breathing heavily on me when sleeping or drooling 'ewwww right?. 'How can he do that?'. He has the habit of leaving food particles where he eats, splashing water everywhere when he is done having his bath without drying.
      Those lonely nights with no friends over or parties to attend, he is always there to keep me company. We have our own 'Netflix and Chill' sections those times. We cuddle together and keep each other warm during cold nights. We go shopping together sometimes and I really enjoy the company. We sometimes go for walks and early morning runs together.
     I love Sundays with him. They are like our own private time we go to the beach to have a picnic with sandwiches, scrambled eggs, baked beans, beacon, hot dog, lemonades etc. We play catch at times and have real fun. There is this thing we do with our nose (twitching and rubbing it against each other), we have our own special dance and song. Sometimes when I am sad he feels the same way to. To be honest I kind of get jealous when I see other people around him but when he notices, he just comes to me and assures me that he is mine and no one else. I love him for who he is even with his flaws.
     I love you Tyler. Thanks for being there for me. I really appreciate it. Am sure some of you are already jealous and wish you had a boyfriend like that or you are like "awwnnn, that is the cutest thing ever". Tyler is my dog !!!!!..
Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Debbrah & Lizzy.

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