Its Monday!!! To be honest I am not excited because work has resumed. Happy Fathers day in arrears to the fathers. Sorry guys for not posting anything over the weekend. It was a busy one. Anyways, today I'll be talking on pillows.
I am pretty sure some people are like "Really? Pillows? What are you going to say about pillows?".  Well thing is when we all hear the word pillow, the first thing that comes to mind is comfort. When we are tired or uncomfortable, the pillow makes us more comfortable and helps us rest.
         Are you a pillow? Being a pillow means you are approachable. It means people can come to you and tell you whatever is going on around them just the way it is and be sure you will offer a way out and make them comfortable. Are people comfortable around you? Can they confide in you? Do you have a lean-able shoulder? Think about it. If people can't rest on your shoulder then you need to check yourself. You may be asking, how can I be a pillow? Here are some tips:
  • Be approachable: Being approachable has to do with the fact that people can come to you at anytime and know your arms are always open. It also means that you are easy to talk to and friendly.
  • Be a good listener: When people sulk or cry, they lean on their pillow and sometimes say what they are feeling or passing through even when the pillow can't respond. So be a good listener. 
  • Be patient: Being patient is an attribute of a good listener. You can't be a good listener and not be patient. They go hand-in-hand.
  • Never put yourself first: While trying to be a pillow, never put yourself first. The person leaning on you already has enough problems so why add to it by complaining or saying what you are passing through?.
  • Be confidential: Ever heard of 'doctor  to patient confidentiality'?. While being a pillow, you have to behave like the pillow by keeping quiet. Pillows are not blabbermouths. They are like classified files in the CIA or FBI. They don't leak out what they are told. They keep secrets. So be confidential.
  • Check: While being a pillow check with the person from time to ensure the person is okay. It shows the person you care.
  • Assurance: This is very important. You have to assure the person that there is a way out whatever the person is feeling or passing through.
If you apply all this tips to yourself, trust me, you will make a very very comfortable pillow. I am talking out of experience.
Why not try being a pillow. It comes with a price though but it is comforting knowing people can rest on you.

Debbrah & Lizzy.

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