I love to keep my circle small. It makes me feel safe and know the people I can really count on. I have very friends but I still like I that way.
I had this friend who lies a lot. He would lie so much so that even when it wasn't necessary, h would still do so. After a while, people began to complain about he lying habit and eventually, he had no friend.
      I tried talking to him but though he said he was trying to stop, he still didn't. I became his only friend. It's not like I shared secrets with him but we talked. One day in school I heard he did something terrible but I stood up for him .  I confronted him to ask if it was true but he said no.  I let him be and life continued.   After a while, we became like bestfriends. we did everything together, went everywhere together and it was kind of became awkward if we were no seen together. The friendship waxed stronger and stronger and we became inseparable.

      One summer break my friend pings me to tell me something about this friend and I feel this sharp pain in my chest. My head starts spinning and I get so mad that I call this friend (his name is Shawn) and begin to shout. Shawn denies it and explained what happened. I kind of believed Shawn but still had doubts. I then told myself that it is better I get him in the act that to listen to rumors.

    Summer is over and school resumes. I acted like everything was normal between Shawn and I (not like I enjoyed I anyways but I couldn't take any chances with Shawn). Am strolling one evening with some people except Shawn (because he complained of headache) and one of them points to a direction for all of us to check out. We go there and lo and behold we see Shawn. We pretend like we didn't see him and pass by. The good thing was that Shawn couldn't see us from where he was. So I get to the hostel and wait for Shawn's return.  Shawn walks in and I ask where he was and to my outmost surprise, he denies where he was. I became so mad that I almost slapped him (not like his my sibling anyway but I was just so furious). It was at that point I knew Shawn could not be trusted with anything that comes out from his mouth. I told him everything I knew he did and lied about and how I still stood up for him. We stopped being friends after then and till date, Shawn has nobody he can call his friend.

     This story tells us the power of trust. Trust keeps and destroys relationships. It goes a long way to trust someone and be trusted. You can have a very good relationship with someone for years and within a twinkle of an eye, it tarnishes. Trust is like an eraser. It gets smaller and smaller when broken. The easiest way to break someone's trust is to lie to the person. Can you be trusted? It helps to sustain relationships. The people that trust you put a lot of effort doing so, so don't break their trust.

Debbrah & Lizzy.

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