I have some persons in my life that I can stand for anywhere, anyday, anytime. One of them is like very aggressive but very sweet every time we talk. She is one person I know is always there to pick up my calls anytime. She is very understanding and I can tell her anything no matter how awkward it is. The other person is like a sister to me. She's got my back and I have got hers. We are like fraternal twins. We share a lot in common and though we don't always get along, we always make up. The last person is very homey. He is everything positive you can think of.

     Where am I getting to with all this descriptions?. Today I am talking on the topic friends. Friends! Friends!! Friends!!!. How many people can you call in the middle of the night when something is wrong and know they will pick up?. How many people do you know got your back?. How many people's back have you got?. How many people do you not lie to?. How many people can accommodate you and stand by you no matter what? Those are the people you call your friends. Thing is if you really think about it, you will realize that the people you call your friends are not your friends after all. 
        A friend is someone you can confide in always. Most people misunderstand the true meaning of friendship. It's not a one way thing. Its a two way thing. You don't expect to have a friend when you are not a friend yourself. You may say " I am a friend. I got his / her back. I know what it takes to be a good friend" but do you really know what it takes to be a friend?. I will give you a few tips on how to be a friend .
        With reference to the 'Pillow' write-up, a good friend should have some of these attributes:

  • Be a good listener:  A friend should listen to what the other person has to say always. I know it may be uncomfortable at that moment, but you should try to listen.
  • Appreciate:   Just as good things are not easy to come by so are friends. Learn to appreciate the time someone allocates to your friendship. Cherish it like that thing you love the most because you can't always find goods. 
  • Make time:  Time factor is very important when it comes to being a friend. You have to learn to make out time for your friends. Creating time keeps the friendship going.
  • Be a therapist: A therapist motivates, helps and offers advice to their patient. So motivate someone to do something good. Help the person when the person needs it willingly not grudgingly. As a friend, you should be able to express yourself to the other person no matter how you feel/
  • Be a good encourager: Friends don't look down on each other. They help each other grow. They encourage each other.
  • Respect: "Respect is reciprocal" goes the saying; so respect the person. Respect the persons do's and dont's, likes and dislikes etc. If the person needs time or space, respect the persons feelings at that time.
  • Apologize: It's okay or let me say it is usual or common for friends to fight. Infact I think it is necessary because it strengthens the friendship. It helps you know each other better. But if you go of limit and have this big fight with your friend, don't hesitate to apologize. it goes a long way. 
  • Learn to keep secrets: Secrets are things that are meant to be kept from the open. They are things known to only the people that should know. So if someone confides in you about something no matter how small you thing it is or irrelevant it is, learn to keep it within you. That is why it is called a secret. Relieving secrets is one thing that destroys friendship.
There are a lot more ways on how to be a friend but I think I have said enough already. Practice all these things and look for these qualities in a person. Once you have all this, know you've got a friend and you are a friend.

Debbrah & Lizzy.

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