Tired of having the 'too serious look'? Why not try something different. I am not a fashion blogger but I love to dress down to earth and as simple as possible.
 I get the whole work work work thing that dictates your outfit but when there is no work like during public holidays, or when given time off, or on vacations, how 'off duty' do you look?. You can hardly catch me with the 'too serious dress look' all the time. Personally, I prefer to dress sporty or let me say 'off duty'. It makes me feel free from the whole cooperate, wok life world. It is like an escape route from office protocols. I try as much as possible to dress off duty and would love to show you guys some of the off duty fashion looks in some women.

         Let's start with these beautiful women; Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lopez. They are two female artists and actresses I admire so much. Other than their songs, movies, tv shows, I love their dress sense when it comes to looking simple.

          Selena's outfit is a long-sleeve grey top tied in front, black pants with black sneakers. I love sneakers. Look at how her hair is let down loosely drawing attention to her sunglasses. You don't have to go through the stress of looking for hair ruffles or packers. Just let your hair loose and let fresh hair get into it. One thing about dressing off duty is that you need no worry about the bag to take. Selena's deep orange strap bag is a YES for her outfit.
         J.Lo as she is popularly known is wearing a Giuseppe Zanotti high tops sneakers. The all black look with her blonde hair gives her this confident look. I would probably dress like this on a freezing day. Dressing all black is a THUMBS UP!!! from me.

        If you are a fan of 'Laugh Production' movies and has watched 'Shake it Up' then you will know Rocky. Have you seen her facial expressions?. They are very hilarious. I don't know how she does it but Zendaya Coleman is one actress to make you smile and laugh no matter how upset you are. She is a very funny actress. She is one celebrity I know has a very simple but catching fashion style. Zendaya's Tupac tank top, Givenchy sneakers and loop earrings are my going out look with friends. Simple but cute.
         I would definitely dress like this all the time if I could. Dress simple but cute ladies. It saves you a lot of stress.

Debbrah & Lizzy

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